My Life As a Sheet

As I lie here taking on the burdens of the world
The dreams of individuals
The presentations of foundations and organizations
The business and marketing plans of enterprises and small owned entities
Soon to become entrepreneurial treasures of all nationalities.

I sing logistics, time, effort, togetherness and patience that brings about fruition
   of long-awaited cherishments for years to come to be recycled and embedded for a guide,
    a base for others to utilize ...

To later enhance what started as a beginning present and later became futuristic ideas 
     to grow into a mass of variety.

As I just lie here consuming secrets good and bad from ancient times to the most recent diaries,
 of slaves, inventors, geniuses, young boys to young girls to travelers, writers and generational notes
 of ancestors. I exude, antique to modern to contemporary form. I show the finest of calligraphy, the drawings that are to be pressed and scanned, different hand writings  done hand after hand;

Soon turned into, type that is now, known as what we call, fonts on the computers to print upon me
 and last but not at all least, I come with the highest of security, national government because I provide you with your necessities and desires, you can't buy anything without me. I am what we call paper, cheddar', green, dinero, moolah or the simple term, muhn-ee.

As I continue to lay here mesmerized by the sight of music notes like treble clef's and lyrics grammatically prepared to be put to music or an already made melody for the whole world to hear, sing and dance along to; I am nationally universal, for I soothe souls all over the world.

As I lie here with expressed dreams of many and wishes of plenty I reek ambition, drive, exuberance and vision. Feeling on subjects that may be taboo, goals and ideas of what one wants or is going to do. Mental exhaustion, words rushed in scribble, chicken scratched riddles show pages of dated progress. Though people may have said "you can't do it" or "you'll never make it", the white sheet with blue lines soulfully manifest, careful research, step by step instructions, recorded journey of my stress, though, conquering my quest still,  however exposing how I am blessed by my dream finally being made palpable.

As I lie here, I'm overwhelmed and humbled by this whole experience because I've come so far, I've had a long road. Especially when I think long ago to the beginning of my career, my very first two projects. I'll never forget it. They're one of the my greatest achievements to date. To be honest, I was nothing before all of this; I didn't even exist. My whole existence was born when my creator built the world in six days and later created the Ten Commandments to be transferred and the Bible to be printed.

As I lie here . . . I am generationally ubiquitous.
I am timeless.

My life as the sheet.

written by Until...
(c) 2017

***This poem was originally published in the book called "I Just Want to Write!" written by Poet and Author Until in the year of 2014. If you've purchase the book, then you will find this poem on page 92 but the story that goes with the poem called " A Dialogue Between Friends" begins on page 90. Thank you for all those who has purchased, read and shared.  Love Until


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