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My Life As a Sheet

As I lie here taking on the burdens of the world The dreams of individuals The presentations of foundations and organizations The business and marketing plans of enterprises and small owned entities Soon to become entrepreneurial treasures of all nationalities.
I sing logistics, time, effort, togetherness and patience that brings about fruition    of long-awaited cherishments for years to come to be recycled and embedded for a guide,     a base for others to utilize ...
To later enhance what started as a beginning present and later became futuristic ideas       to grow into a mass of variety.
As I just lie here consuming secrets good and bad from ancient times to the most recent diaries,  of slaves, inventors, geniuses, young boys to young girls to travelers, writers and generational notes  of ancestors. I exude, antique to modern to contemporary form. I show the finest of calligraphy, the drawings that are to be pressed and scanned, different hand writings  done hand after hand;
Soon …