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My Readers...

It is truly a pleasure when I find out about the many people reading my pieces of literature. It makes me feel warm and that my writing is not in vein. So, I'm sending a warm "Thank you!" to the following states: United States, Russia, and India . Be blessed! Love Until...

Dreams "Are meant to be lived" part II

I hold fast to my dreams
Like Langston Hughes told me to
Glad he did because mine would've died
Long before they were supposed to

Because when life gets in the way
Depending on how your cards are laid
It's so easy to become discouraged and dismayed

Yet and still, I hold fast to dreams
Because they are always trying to escape
Through the windows of situations, circumstances
tragedies and un-expectancies...

But I shall not let them go
I shall not let them leave
I know my life is more than
what it currently perceives

My dreams are my youth
My dreams are my proof

For if I let them die
Old I will become. Sinking in regret.
Thinking of only the ability and potential I had

Never did I pursue, Never did I use
Never did I do...

Anything with it
I let the sky be my limit
When I could've went way beyond stars

I shall not be that rocking chair woman with only
lemonade and wisdom to give... I shall live...

By making my dreams palpable, a reality
build, create a legacy, of my inner me