Frozen featuring Until... "Spoken Word Poetry Piece"


See, I remember when I looked out for everyone.
But I also remember when no one looked out for me.
Same ones in my face, call me if you need anything;
The minute I asked, dismissed and ignored.

Didn't like how that felt
Stop feeling down on myself
No longer will I ask for help, anymore.

Yes sa' the streets have taught me.
My trust is no longer fun and free.
I became cold from others dissin' me

Rise like the Phoenix
I Rise...

Individual with foundational feet
Frozen is how I've become to overcome defeat
No favors here. Sorry. 
If there was ever a chance
It is now depleted

This takes place when peeps take my kindness for weakness and use me
Deceitfully sweet and discreet
However now you see
That do to you. I am NO longer me.
No compassion
I am....

written by Wolfgang Amadeuz
Spoken Word Piece by Until
December 2011(c)

*This Spoken Word Piece written and performed by Until is featured on the album called "Programm'd Muzic (The EP) Volume 3 by Wolfgang Amadeuz "Track #5." If you would like to hear and purchase this piece, please click the link below:


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