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"Gotta Go- Gotta Leave" -Inspired by Vivian Green

Premise: The song"I Gotta go. I Gotta Leave." by  Vivian Green came out the year of 2005 and somewhere during that time I had just become affiliated with "Poetry Over Music" as I was reintroducing myself  to my first love, poetry. Now, Poetry Over Music was a new movement to get people to listen and become again inspired by words first, then music. 

When I came along they were already strong in numbers of Poets and Spoken Word artists and had made a CD. They were not for sale, promotional items only, for people to enjoy. However, they were in the process of creating another CD, called Poetry Over Music presents "Different Shades of Love" Volume 2. Now, how it was set up for us, they sent out a list of songs and it was on a first come, first serve basis. 

So, you would pick your selection and if you got it first, you must write a poem for the song you you've selected. Record it, send it and they would play your poem then the song or vice versa. I, picked…

Frozen featuring Until... "Spoken Word Poetry Piece"

See, I remember when I looked out for everyone. But I also remember when no one looked out for me. Same ones in my face, call me if you need anything; The minute I asked, dismissed and ignored.
Didn't like how that felt Stop feeling down on myself No longer will I ask for help, anymore.
Yes sa' the streets have taught me. My trust is no longer fun and free. I became cold from others dissin' me

Rise like the Phoenix I Rise...
Individual with foundational feet Frozen is how I've become to overcome defeat No favors here. Sorry.  If there was ever a chance It is now depleted
This takes place when peeps take my kindness for weakness and use me Deceitfully sweet and discreet However now you see That do to you. I am NO longer me. No compassion I am....
Frozen written by Wolfgang Amadeuz Spoken Word Piece by Until December 2011(c)
*This Spoken Word Piece written and performed by Until is featured on the album called "Programm'd Muzic (The EP) Volume 3 by Wolfgang Amadeuz "Track #5.&…