Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Need This Time

I need this time to be alone
Time to reflect
On me, and what will happen next

I need this time to think
Get a pad and permanently tattoo
My emotions with ink

No matter how many times you blink
You'll always see my words and stay forever linked

That is why I need this time
To get to know myself again
And discuss with my pen

About what I want to say
Then my hand will connect with my quill
Express how I feel

Then I'm left feeling good about the words
My pen chose to lay

On the thin paper sheet
Where my life and the tree meet
Quiet and discreet
My feelings as a secret is what we all keep
My life, my pen, my sheet

I need this time

*From the book "I Just Want to Write! by Until
To purchase a copy please visit
(c) 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

There's a New Bard in Town...

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Contact: Alethea Reece

 U (Press Release) - August 9, 2014
With a new book along with a Spoken Word Poetry CD now and Wow!!!
LOS ANGELES, CA--It is no mystery that ever since poet and writer Quanda R. Graves better known as Until, self-published her very first poetry edition; I Just Want to Write! It has been receiving great feedback. Ten years in the making and finally, July 3rd 2014, a dream come true. 

Now, what seems to be getting more of a buzz is not just her presentation of what customers receive when purchasing her book, but the free spoken-word poetry CD that comes inside of the package. Just like the book, this is also Until's very first spoken-word poetry CD project and she wanted them to go hand in hand. 

Word has it that people are in love with the creativity of it all.  Until states in her own words;

 "This CD illustrates what is known to be my moniker which is "Poetry is me. Therefore I am Poetry." When listening to this CD you will feel my heart, soul and my essence. Art, in its purest form. May you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating it and putting it together." 

What people are saying about Until's spoken-word poetry CD is that not only do they love her poetry, they say it's original and ultra creative and most of all they enjoy her voice. To purchase Until's book "I Just Want to Write!" please visit her website and to hear her spoken-word poetry CD project please check out the video listed below.

Poet Until Gives Birth...

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE________________________________________
Contact: Alethea Reece

 U (Press Release) - July 26, 2014

Gives Birth to What?

 Her very first highly anticipated poetry edition entitled: I Just Want to Write!

LOS ANGELES, CA--Quanda R. Graves better known by her pseudonym Until, resurfaced after an eight (8) year hiatus back in 2008. As she declared her road back to literary missions and reclaiming her soft spot for her first love, poetry. She then introduced to the world the launching of her very new website at that time. Her website reeked of who she was with the moniker of "Poetry is me. Therefore I am poetry." As she shared heartfelt poems that oozed of emotions, sealing her love for the Pen, Paper and Pencil.

From 2008 she has been making strides, fulfilling goals and manifesting to others her plan of what she hopes to accomplish on her journey in regard to the written word. As well as tease you with hints of whats more to come, from her of course. Starting with creating her own company called, QS: Writers Group, which caters to creative writing projects. Until is also a literary columnist and journalist for the California Crusaders Newspaper and contributing writer to the online Brutha Magazine. Furthermore Until is the youth director for "The Los Angeles Black Book Expo." As well as a radio personality for the radio show called Until and Harmony Live (currently on hiatus).

Until, has just recently self-published her very first poetry edition, (ten years in the making) entitled "I Just Want to Write!" Which has been a long awaited dream of hers. I just want to write, in her words, 
"is a collection of poems and essays created to imprint the journey of my love affair with the three P's; pen, paper, and pencil. Which illustrates my dreams, ambitions and desires; with hopes of inspiring, encouraging and uplifting all who will read it. It is my soul inscribed for all to bear."

To find out more or to purchase your copy of "I Just Want to Write!" by Until, please visit her website at  Keep and eye on Until, as she has a poetry series on Youtube coming very soon. Meanwhile check out her interviews with celebrities, authors and more on Youtube at

Remember, poetry is Until, and Until is poetry.

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