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A Better Person by Until...

"Writing helps to keep me in perspective. It helps me recognize my wrongs, it guides me to do right. I can't live without it." ~ Until... (From my upcoming book in 2014)

I let my pen take a ride on the highest flight of my feelings
I let my pen take a ride on the lines toward my spiritual healing
Inking out perspectives and analyzing all of my imperfections
Writing them down one at a time, dividing them into sections
What ever impacts me, I find time to take notes I then recap by reviewing what it is I just wrote

And I see that writing down my feelings is the perfect antidote for me to become a better person

This poem is from the book entitled "I Just Want to Write!" and to pre-order your copy now, please visit my website at

Publishing date July 31, 2014

Tired of losing... by Until...

I have life only because two people chose
To have the mistake that they made
Then before the decision It was God's choice to give me life So in the month of May on the 23rd day
I was born
So unfair that I had no say In the choice that was made I was sent here by two people That I don't even know, strangers Giving me orders and I'm made to obey Taught not to stray from the teachings Of the people I call my parents day to day
Now, that I know that God say's I'm chosen Then I'm going to hell if I so happen to break The laws he has created not to be broken
This life has nothing to offer me but I should appreciate it I know not why bad things happen to me but I must not question it, just take it
I am to know that bad things and evil spirits will lurk to bother you Even though I may not ever understand why Just know that those things or spirits will attack you
I find this quite funny that life is something I'm supposed To cherish for it can be taken away in a second of a heartbeat And …