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Must have missed that? by Until...

My life has always been complicated
From the beginning until now
My mother says that I'm chosen And honestly I just can't see how
I must have missed that! Lol!!

Release by Until...

"This is how I deal with writer's block. LOL!" ~ Until...
(From the upcoming book "I Just Want to Write!" this April of 2014)

I'm not feeling good I can't get the pain to ooze from my lips I can't cry--so I just sit Waiting for creativity to hit So I can take advantage of the outlet that I'll get
But I gotta' feel it Believe it In order to spill it
To release how I feel about my pain

This poem is from the book entitled "I Just Want to Write!" and to pre-order your copy now please visit my website at

Publishing date July 31, 2014

How to Love

Do you remember when Love was a mutual feeling between two people?

But now it's more like, if you Love me, then I'll love you. Or you say it first and then I'll say it to you.
People categorize Love as you do for me and I'll do for you
Tit for tat, if you, then IYou have to, I don'tBut I'm asking whatever happened to your whole feelings in the situation?Oh me, oh my, I sigh
Because whoever said that Love had to be a routine and whoever said that Love had to be an order or an obedient commandWhoever told you that Love had to be mean or anyone else that Love is a certain demand
I got lost about the definition of Love a long time agoBesides Love to me is not what you sayIt's an action that some people just don't know
I used to know Love once, but I dare not know it nowIt's been so long that I can honestly that I've almost forgotten how...
How to Love.