Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Beautiful (All of the time) by Until...

Dedicated to Brian O'Neal: (A poem to go with his song called "Mesmerized")

Hey everyone!!! Today was the first day that I heard this song and it made me feel so free, so beautiful and sexy. It made me feel at peace, but I guess that's the power of music and the beautiful
people who create it. I've fallen in love with this song and I just wanted to say thank you to Brian O'Neal for bringing forth that feeling that lives inside of me being free from all of the burdens that sometimes life can bestow upon me.

The sun is shining
and the day is as beautiful as a bird in the sky

I am in my, spaghetti strap white tank top and ever flowing white linen skirt
enjoying the fragrances of the field of flowers that I am standing in
barefoot while my toes flirt with the grass and the dirt

As vibrant, colorful butterflies constantly flutter by
I feel so sexy, so radiant, I'm so thankful to be alive

My eyes are lightened by the sun
I am really enjoying me

Enjoying all that God created me to see
Becoming one with every breeze
Happy to finally be free

To feed the swans in the lake
Interact with the ladybug on my hand
A blue jay on my shoulder and together we stand;

mesmerized, as we watch quietly the willow trees sway back and forth

Bringing forth the winds to refresh the land
of the ever blazing heat ~ I love how nature speaks

I believe that this is how life is supposed to be...

Beautiful (All of the time)


This poem was published in Pure Thoughts Magazine.

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