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Author Until opens up about her Imperfections...


Dreams _ Again by Tracy Hand

Dreams   are not a Reality
Real   is not Imaginary
Life   is Real
To live It   we must Dream   we must transform our Dreams into Reality
So they never become Imaginary                       Again!

My Note to Tracy Hand:
I had a very heartfelt conversation with you and it stirred up emotions of things you tried or thought you'd put to rest. It also reminded you of the dreams you wanted to pursue, but somewhere down the line you forgot about them, but now remembering you must put them to the fore front, and begin again. I can't wait to see you transform the rest of your "Dreams into Reality."
Thank you for sharing this poem with me and allowing me to share it with others. This poem is more than beautiful.


A Verse That is Free - by Jason Fairhurst Wall


Finding Poetry By Rachel Benson (The Word Glutton)


I Need This Time

I need this time to be alone
Time to reflect
On me, and what will happen next

I need this time to think
Get a pad and permanently tattoo
My emotions with ink

No matter how many times you blink
You'll always see my words and stay forever linked

That is why I need this time
To get to know myself again
And discuss with my pen

About what I want to say
Then my hand will connect with my quill
Express how I feel

Then I'm left feeling good about the words
My pen chose to lay

On the thin paper sheet
Where my life and the tree meet
Quiet and discreet
My feelings as a secret is what we all keep
My life, my pen, my sheet

I need this time

*From the book "I Just Want to Write! by Until
To purchase a copy please visit
(c) 2014

There's a New Bard in Town...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE________________________________________
Contact: Alethea Reece

 U (Press Release) - August 9, 2014

With a new book along with a Spoken Word Poetry CD now and Wow!!!

LOS ANGELES, CA--It is no mystery that ever since poet and writer Quanda R. Graves better known as Until, self-published her very first poetry edition; I Just Want to Write! It has been receiving great feedback. Ten years in the making and finally, July 3rd 2014, a dream come true. 

Now, what seems to be getting more of a buzz is not just her presentation of what customers receive when purchasing her book, but the free spoken-word poetry CD that comes inside of the package. Just like the book, this is also Until's very first spoken-word poetry CD project and she wanted them to go hand in hand. 

Word has it that people are in love with the creativity of it all.  Until states in her own words;

"This CD illustrates what is known to be my moniker which is "Poetry is me. …

Poet Until Gives Birth...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE________________________________________
Contact: Alethea Reece

 U (Press Release) - July 26, 2014
Gives Birth to What?
 Her very first highly anticipated poetry edition entitled: I Just Want to Write!
LOS ANGELES, CA--Quanda R. Graves better known by her pseudonym Until, resurfaced after an eight (8) year hiatus back in 2008. As she declared her road back to literary missions and reclaiming her soft spot for her first love, poetry. She then introduced to the world the launching of her very new website at that time. Her website reeked of who she was with the moniker of "Poetry is me. Therefore I am poetry." As she shared heartfelt poems that oozed of emotions, sealing her love for the Pen, Paper and Pencil.
From 2008 she has been making strides, fulfilling goals and manifesting to others her plan of what she hopes to accomplish on her journey in regard to the written word. As well as tease you with hints of whats more to come…

Stronger by Until...

"Although our journey's may not permit us to always do the right thing or make the right decisions. It is important that you build your own relationship with GOD--so that when others don't understand, or want to judge, you don't have to worry because you've already built a relationship with the only one who matters." ~ Until...

We as humans always tend to forget, how often we are blessed and all that you have done for us when be become distressed.
But please give us a minute to realize that things are not all bad because sometime before, we've been in a much worse condition, wondering how we became or put ourselves in this position, start hoping and wishing;
When we should remember that it's only a situation, and there are some with more complications, that come with heart palpitations and in our minds we know that things will work out fine, if we just stay stationed.
Because often we're panicking about what and how things are going to get …

Black Swan Publishing Presents...

Poet, Writer, Radio Personality, Now turned Author


Introducing her highly anticipated very first poetry edition entitled;

"I Just Want to Write!"

Publishing date July 31, 2014. To pre-order your  copy now please
visit her website at

Until's Book Synopsis

"I Just Want to Write!-is a collection of poems and essays created to imprint the journey of my love affair with the three P's; pen, paper, and pencil. Which illustrates my dreams, ambitions and desires; with hopes of inspiring, encouraging and uplifting all who will read it. This is my soul inscribed for all to bear."


A Better Person by Until...

"Writing helps to keep me in perspective. It helps me recognize my wrongs, it guides me to do right. I can't live without it." ~ Until... (From my upcoming book in 2014)

I let my pen take a ride on the highest flight of my feelings
I let my pen take a ride on the lines toward my spiritual healing
Inking out perspectives and analyzing all of my imperfections
Writing them down one at a time, dividing them into sections
What ever impacts me, I find time to take notes I then recap by reviewing what it is I just wrote

And I see that writing down my feelings is the perfect antidote for me to become a better person

This poem is from the book entitled "I Just Want to Write!" and to pre-order your copy now, please visit my website at

Publishing date July 31, 2014

Tired of losing... by Until...

I have life only because two people chose
To have the mistake that they made
Then before the decision It was God's choice to give me life So in the month of May on the 23rd day
I was born
So unfair that I had no say In the choice that was made I was sent here by two people That I don't even know, strangers Giving me orders and I'm made to obey Taught not to stray from the teachings Of the people I call my parents day to day
Now, that I know that God say's I'm chosen Then I'm going to hell if I so happen to break The laws he has created not to be broken
This life has nothing to offer me but I should appreciate it I know not why bad things happen to me but I must not question it, just take it
I am to know that bad things and evil spirits will lurk to bother you Even though I may not ever understand why Just know that those things or spirits will attack you
I find this quite funny that life is something I'm supposed To cherish for it can be taken away in a second of a heartbeat And …

Must have missed that? by Until...

My life has always been complicated
From the beginning until now
My mother says that I'm chosen And honestly I just can't see how
I must have missed that! Lol!!

Release by Until...

"This is how I deal with writer's block. LOL!" ~ Until...
(From the upcoming book "I Just Want to Write!" this April of 2014)

I'm not feeling good I can't get the pain to ooze from my lips I can't cry--so I just sit Waiting for creativity to hit So I can take advantage of the outlet that I'll get
But I gotta' feel it Believe it In order to spill it
To release how I feel about my pain

This poem is from the book entitled "I Just Want to Write!" and to pre-order your copy now please visit my website at

Publishing date July 31, 2014

How to Love

Do you remember when Love was a mutual feeling between two people?

But now it's more like, if you Love me, then I'll love you. Or you say it first and then I'll say it to you.
People categorize Love as you do for me and I'll do for you
Tit for tat, if you, then IYou have to, I don'tBut I'm asking whatever happened to your whole feelings in the situation?Oh me, oh my, I sigh
Because whoever said that Love had to be a routine and whoever said that Love had to be an order or an obedient commandWhoever told you that Love had to be mean or anyone else that Love is a certain demand
I got lost about the definition of Love a long time agoBesides Love to me is not what you sayIt's an action that some people just don't know
I used to know Love once, but I dare not know it nowIt's been so long that I can honestly that I've almost forgotten how...
How to Love.

Beautiful (All of the time) by Until...

Dedicated to Brian O'Neal: (A poem to go with his song called "Mesmerized")
Hey everyone!!! Today was the first day that I heard this song and it made me feel so free, so beautiful and sexy. It made me feel at peace, but I guess that's the power of music and the beautiful people who create it. I've fallen in love with this song and I just wanted to say thank you to Brian O'Neal for bringing forth that feeling that lives inside of me being free from all of the burdens that sometimes life can bestow upon me.

The sun is shining
and the day is as beautiful as a bird in the sky
I am in my, spaghetti strap white tank top and ever flowing white linen skirt enjoying the fragrances of the field of flowers that I am standing in barefoot while my toes flirt with the grass and the dirt

As vibrant, colorful butterflies constantly flutter by I feel so sexy, so radiant, I'm so thankful to be alive
My eyes are lightened by the sun I am really enjoying me
Enjoying all th…

My Words by Until...

*From my upcoming book "I Just Want to Write!" 2014: Pre -order your copy now,

 I want my words to last forever, eternity.
I want my words to never be forgotten. I want my words to live through generations for generations.
Used as examples and given as samples Used as references for explanations
Constantly used repetitiously, repetitive Recycled through books and books at a time Through past, present and all futuristic minds
And as they are being used it will be positive For all who will read it and use it to live by
The words I once spoke and meant with all of my heart Forever written to journey through lives