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Podcast Until URP1

Welcome everyone!

I wanted to share with you my very first "Podcast." It's one of my many ways of sharing who I am with you. My podcast consist of poetry and great music and a few little tidbits from me. I like to say that my podcasts are like "The Wave" w/ a twist.

May you enjoy getting to know me and the information I share. Enjoy!

Podcast Until URP1

Until... (I welcome your comments).

What's in a kiss...

For me, it is the "gateway" to my soul,

  giving him, allowing him, full control... over me.

The beginning to intensity, ecstacy, euphoria, unimaginable bliss,
breathtaking elation that can provide climax...

  and if you have not experienced that than you don't know what
happiness is.

That is what's in a kiss to me with much more. I'm happy that I'm one of the people to have had that experience.


May God Bless You...

My house accepts no drama
And truly understands that God created Karma

So, in my house we live by the good and die by the good
We begin every morning with a prayer, as we should

You have to get yourself right;
before you can leave a message here
If you're unhappy with yourself
set a petition before the Lord and be sincere

And it is only until you begin to work on you
and change for the better
That then and only then we can
communicate with you and politic about whatever...May God Bless you


Begin Again

Sometimes we must go through
Big trials and tribulations before we can see

What it is that God wants us to see
Be who he wants us to be

Complications and situations make you
"Stronger" to bend but not break

To get you to give but don't take
Stop trying to do it yourself and
Give it to God when you pray

Leave your burdens with him
Don't worry about them

God has soul~control
On what will happen in the end
Regardless of your sin

Because he knows all
Believe it or not God is perfect with no flaws
So life can begin again