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I Just Want to Write! by Until

I just want to write...
Grammatically incorrect
Grammatically correct
Have a cause and an effect

I just want to write...
Insert my soul in my pen
Smoothly ooze ink from my pen
Again and again
Share secrets with my paperPen and Paper are my two best-friends

I just want to write... Capture my emotions within
Confess all of my sins
In many ways and many styles
Whether I write in a calmly or Chaotic fashion
Stand out and/or like Hennessey "Never Blend In"

I just want to write...
With enticement, with excitement
Whether I measure up to have poetry
And/or just literary license

I just want to write...
To touch and to soothe
To write is to ooze
All of my feelings
However I want to

I just want to write...
So when you read my book, enjoy it
Don't criticize or try
To size me up through the old/new
Great poets eyes

I write for me
I write for those who can see
That old and/or new
Newly inserted or deleted rules
Doesn't matter to me, honestly
I write poetry because... I just want to write

*From the upcoming book &q…

Books by Until

Hard bounded and paper backBooks, books, books and more books
Gracing the wooden shelves beautifully
Displayed for your eyes to gaze and look
At the categories by the masses Titles imaginatively vary
Awaiting you, to be bought, perused, admired and used at the bookstore, cafe, online and especially the library

Coca Cola by Until...

"Coca Cola is my favorite soft drink. This is my way of celebrating the taste!" ~ Until...

It feels nice-cold in hand Dripping with water drops Can't wait to pop the top
And let the friendly bubbles jump out to greet my nose
while at the same time tickle my lips As I anxiously take a sip
Of this chocolate brown substance with acidic greatness To titillate my taste buds and arouse my tongue and throat
Gulp, Gulp, Gulp...
What? It's all gone?
Aw man. I need another coke!

Impact by Until

"A snippet from my poem Impact" ~ Until...
You are insanely missed No longer does my world encounter bliss That you once provided me with
An impact so great
That it left me only to dream and wish For you to reappear and once again exist
In my intimate scenes, just you and I

On Guard by Until...

My life is so conflicted Sometimes do to self infliction And making bad decisions Turns out to be great mistakes

Now I got to start all over again Confused and don't know where to begin Trying to tie up my lose ends I want a clean slate
Life is long with many hurtles Don't know if I'm the rabbit or the turtle My life needs to be in a new position So that I can move forward with my dreams and missions Yes, I'm on my way
My life lessons keep me humble Because I often make many fumbles I need strength so I won't crumble Because life is so hard
Now I can say my eyes have wisdom I've gotten adolescence out of my system I'm a solution cause I've fixed them Now I'm on guard

Peace by Until...

I crave intimacy, I desire ecstasyI need sensuality to help me breathe
To me live and feel free and flirt with mother nature The way a real lady wants to be The way a real lady should be
Play in a circle of birds and dance with a string of butterflies Wipe the tears of joy from my eyes As I feed the fishes in the sea
It's important to be me and be allowed to be me And people accept who they see, accept who I be The laughable young lady Well mannered, fun, vibrant and joyously happy with jolly
I indulge in life, embrace the good, as well as the bad Endure the pain as If I never even once had
Felt pain, sorrow with rain But I continue to live and keep the best of me Not allow anyone to take my soul Or mental happiness from me
I am now learning that it doesn't pay to be upset or hold things within because sooner or later it catches up with you and you leave this earth thats how and why my brother left me
Whenever my problems occur I take a minute to realize that they could cause me a slow deat…

Wherever it may... by Until...

I'm inspired by fresh air
The softness of my own hair
The moles that are now appearing in their rightful place upon my face.
The changes every couple of years that my body, mind and soul seems to make.
The desires, the dreams and ambitions that magically appear in my heart and mind everyday.
The many hats that I seem to be given by life which pertains to the varied roles on a daily I play.
The many dimensions of me that I am and others think I portray. The words that come out of my mouth or that I write down to inspire myself and others to say:
"You've helped me, you've inspired me to do my own thing an walk my own way."
The visions at any moment and anytime of day, on the screen of my mind that microfiches on display
I'm inspired by the positive and negative flows of life, wherever it may... lead me.

**This poem has been published in Brutha Magazine 2014.