Dreams " I took a break" part I

Hold fast to dreams
For dreams do die
If you not hold on as tight as you can
Forever you will cry

Feeling un-successful
Potential is just that
Pinnacle un-tapped
  and everyone around you notices that

Some of those that you've helped
Will talk behind your back
While others will be happier than you'll ever be
All because excuses sung from your lips
Like the favorite mantra to sing

Life will be life
There will always be something
You're supposed to expect it as you push
So that when surprisesarise
  they affect you with nothing

You must, you must focus
Like zombies in trances
So you can beat the dark cloud
  and your eyes will no longer
Leak and speak of sadness

So what must you do? Seek your passion.
Never mind the obstacles in your way.
Thrash them.

Mind your lips. Quiet your tongue.
Sharing your dreams with others
No longer work for you
Thine will shall be done

Discipline, determination, drive, apply.
So the next time they see you
Your accomplishments should reek in the ai…

Until lt's Gone: Dreams...

I have aromatic wishes Fragrant dreams of desire My favorite flavors intertwined Speak to my soul to become inspired
When I open the box of my Dreams "Are Meant to be Lived" Oolong Tea I let the smell escape to run free
Within my home
It invokes happiness Spark ambition As the essence of relaxation 
Continuously roam
While I sip and enjoy the texture and the taste of such a perfect blend
The infusion of; Strawberries, peppermint and who would've thought Jasmine
Reeks in my senses Reeks relentless
and leaves me 
to daydream to chase dreams

Until it's gone.


S.O.Y. Save Our Youth...

Ever heard of an organization called: S.O.Y. Save Our Youth? Well they have just put together a book and it's a collection of poetry that speaks out about child abuse. Written by various poets, the collection was put together to raise child abuse awareness and inform people of the danger that comes with it. All proceeds from this title goes to the Save Our Youth Foundation (SOY).

The spearhead of this project is Author and Poet David Motte better known as Mr. Metaphoria. His mission to help Save Our Youth with one action at a time. In his words:

"SOY is foundation that advocates for abused children as well as fight daily to prevent abuse from happening. Please purchase to help a great cause, to move in the steps of helping in Saving Our Youth and on top of that read some really great poetry."

#FunFact:This book features Author and Poet Until, including many other talented poets. We shared poems for the cause. Will you support?


My Life As a Sheet

As I lie here taking on the burdens of the world The dreams of individuals The presentations of foundations and organizations The business and marketing plans of enterprises and small owned entities Soon to become entrepreneurial treasures of all nationalities.
I sing logistics, time, effort, togetherness and patience that brings about fruition    of long-awaited cherishments for years to come to be recycled and embedded for a guide,     a base for others to utilize ...
To later enhance what started as a beginning present and later became futuristic ideas       to grow into a mass of variety.
As I just lie here consuming secrets good and bad from ancient times to the most recent diaries,  of slaves, inventors, geniuses, young boys to young girls to travelers, writers and generational notes  of ancestors. I exude, antique to modern to contemporary form. I show the finest of calligraphy, the drawings that are to be pressed and scanned, different hand writings  done hand after hand;
Soon …

Women of Poetry "Queens Round Table Discussion" - Until...

Queen's Round Table 2017 Women of Poetry Tune in as I, "Until" will be featured tonight at 6pm.

A Poetic Uprising vol 20 .... "To Be Continued"



When did you become
her constant companion? Was it when she was five when her mother died and she was sent away? Did you join her on that long train ride sit beside her hold her hand tell her not to cry? Was it then that you told her you would always be by her side? When did she turn to you, welcome you in? Was it when she had no one, nowhere else to turn? Did you say follow me I will take you away? Or did you just stand there and catch her as she fell?
~Nina Anne LaFleur