Monday, March 20, 2017

Women of Poetry "Queens Round Table Discussion" - Until...

Queen's Round Table 2017
Women of Poetry
Tune in as I, "Until" will be featured tonight at 6pm.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


When did you become
her constant companion?
Was it when she was five
when her mother died and
she was sent away?
Did you join her
on that long train ride
sit beside her
hold her hand
tell her not to cry?
Was it then that you told her
you would always be
by her side?
When did she turn to you,
welcome you in?
Was it when she had no one,
nowhere else to turn?
Did you say follow me
I will take you away?
Or did you just stand there
and catch her
as she fell?

~Nina Anne LaFleur

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Readers...

It is truly a pleasure when I find out about the many people reading my pieces of literature.
It makes me feel warm and that my writing is not in vein. So, I'm sending a warm "Thank you!" to the following states: United States, Russia, and India .
Be blessed!
Love Until...

Monday, December 14, 2015

Dreams "Are meant to be lived" part II

I hold fast to my dreams
Like Langston Hughes told me to
Glad he did because mine would've died
Long before they were supposed to

Because when life gets in the way
Depending on how your cards are laid
It's so easy to become discouraged and dismayed

Yet and still, I hold fast to dreams
Because they are always trying to escape
Through the windows of situations, circumstances
   tragedies and un-expectancies...

But I shall not let them go
I shall not let them leave
I know my life is more than
what it currently perceives

My dreams are my youth
My dreams are my proof

For if I let them die
Old I will become. Sinking in regret.
Thinking of only the ability and potential I had

Never did I pursue, Never did I use
Never did I do...

Anything with it
I let the sky be my limit
When I could've went way beyond stars

I shall not be that rocking chair woman with only
lemonade and wisdom to give... I shall live...

By making my dreams palpable, a reality
build, create a legacy, of my inner me

So, I shall hold fast to dreams
Be all that I can be
I will never let any of my obstacles stop me

Because my dreams. My journey (s)
Are meant to be.....Lived.

This poem was premiered in a series called "Poetic Uprising" at Max Blooms in Fullerton, California. It was there she met the Founder of a foundation called Kind-Hearted Compassion in Action and was asked to perform this poem for an upcoming event. The event was called "Elevate Genius" which happened on December 12, 2015 at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana, CA. Presented by Kind-Hearted Compassion in Action Foundation in which Until is also a part of.

 This poem was met with great applause. If you would like to purchase Until's book called "I Just Want to Write" please visit her website at and to find out more about the foundation and event, please visit the website at

 "Follow your dreams, because when you're happy, everyone in your life benefits. You can't beat it, happiness is contagious." ~ Until...

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

"Gotta Go- Gotta Leave" -Inspired by Vivian Green

Premise: The song "I Gotta go. I Gotta Leave." by  Vivian Green came out the year of 2005 and somewhere during that time I had just become affiliated with "Poetry Over Music" as I was reintroducing myself  to my first love, poetry. Now, Poetry Over Music was a new movement to get people to listen and become again inspired by words first, then music. 

When I came along they were already strong in numbers of Poets and Spoken Word artists and had made a CD. They were not for sale, promotional items only, for people to enjoy. However, they were in the process of creating another CD, called Poetry Over Music presents "Different Shades of Love" Volume 2. Now, how it was set up for us, they sent out a list of songs and it was on a first come, first serve basis. 

So, you would pick your selection and if you got it first, you must write a poem for the song you you've selected. Record it, send it and they would play your poem then the song or vice versa. I, picked Vivian Green's "I Gotta Go. I Gotta Leave." I was featured on that CD and to my surprise, rave reviews and now it has become a fan favorite. I love this poem, it speaks to so many hearts, especially mine. Without further ado, I give you....

"I Gotta Go-I Gotta Leave"

I sing the chorus of Vivian Green's same titled song:

I gotta go. I gotta leave.
So please don't make this hard for me.
I gave enough. I'm tired of love
I gotta let it go.

--Then begin...

I've been with you more than a few years now;
 and I just realized, that I'm done. Just realized
that I've spread myself too thin. And,

Since no one is looking out for me, including you.
I decided that this victory belongs to you. 
So you win!!! (applause)

For a moment, (I ain't gonna' lie) I was mad at you.
But then I thought to myself, well why am I mad at him?
Because I'm the one who decided to stay and work things through.

Because I should have a left the minute I began to feel it in my gut.
That I had, had enough; and I was no longer in love.
Now, I got the nerve to be angry , 'cause I've invested my time,
Over exhausted my mind. Stayed with swollen eyes, due to you making me cry.

Emotionally drained.
Heart palpitating with pain.
All the while trying to please you. I was going insane.

But you know what else I realized?
It was fear why I stayed.
For I was using my tears as an outlet
So mine leaving would be delayed.

But a long time ago I once told you that.
When my tears no longer drop,
 that is when I have stopped
   to assess, to see what I need to do
      so that I can get where I need to be
            and I've concluded that;

I Gotta' Go-I Gotta' Leave

Written by Until...
2005 (c)

*This piece has been performed many places. The latter was Max  Bloom Cafe Noir on August 1st of 2015. Until was the leading feature. If you would like to know more about Until and purchase her very first poetry edition, I Just Want to Write! Please visit her website at and her book blog at If you would like to hear her very first Spoken Word Poetry CD, check out below: 

Frozen featuring Until... "Spoken Word Poetry Piece"


See, I remember when I looked out for everyone.
But I also remember when no one looked out for me.
Same ones in my face, call me if you need anything;
The minute I asked, dismissed and ignored.

Didn't like how that felt
Stop feeling down on myself
No longer will I ask for help, anymore.

Yes sa' the streets have taught me.
My trust is no longer fun and free.
I became cold from others dissin' me

Rise like the Phoenix
I Rise...

Individual with foundational feet
Frozen is how I've become to overcome defeat
No favors here. Sorry. 
If there was ever a chance
It is now depleted

This takes place when peeps take my kindness for weakness and use me
Deceitfully sweet and discreet
However now you see
That do to you. I am NO longer me.
No compassion
I am....

written by Wolfgang Amadeuz
Spoken Word Piece by Until
December 2011(c)

*This Spoken Word Piece written and performed by Until is featured on the album called "Programm'd Muzic (The EP) Volume 3 by Wolfgang Amadeuz "Track #5." If you would like to hear and purchase this piece, please click the link below: